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Comte Louis-Marc Servien


Dr. Acc. Louis-Marc Servien, Comte de Boisdauphin, Lord of Quendon, heads Who's Who International SA, the Committee of European Excellence, C.E.E. ® Ltd, and France Prestige Promotion.

Born on January 8, 1934 in Yverdon-les-Bains, Dr. Servien is the son of a banker and notary public. He attended the University of Lausanne from which he received master's degrees in law and in economics and commercial sciences. He later earned a doctorate in business administration from the Accademia Tiberina in Rome, Italy.

As a businessman, Dr. Acc. Servien's focal concern was the production of international directories featuring distinguished achievers. In 2000, however, he modified the statutes of Who's Who International SA to include art promotion. The company's main objective now is making names for new talents in painting, sculpture, photography, architecture and design. Goals thus include promotion, staging solo and group exhibitions, achieving high-impact media coverage of Who's Who presence at prestigious national and international art shows and creating links among artists, collectors, gallery-owners, museums, foundations and sponsors.

In 2009 Dr. Acc. Servien created the Who's Who Hall of Fame conceived to recognize and honour those whose outstanding achievements in art set them apart. Further, through the Committee of European Excellence, C.E.E. ® Ltd, he identifies and awards prizes. Such distinctions honour personalities whose performance, spirit of entrepreneurship, charisma, dynamism and products place them in the top echelons of world achievement, and who are perceived as beacons of quality, culture, excellence, prestige and luxury.

Dr. Acc. Servien also promotes quality wines and spirits, particularly cognac, under the name Comte de Boisdauphin, his family's century-old title. The Servien family coat of arms as featured in the 1884 edition of the Annuaire de la Noblesse de France is an azure shield with three gold bands and a roaring gold lion at the center.


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While Dr. Acc. Servien's writing is now mainly society and art journalism he is also the author of a well-received family history entitled Louis XIV and Abel de Servien: Eight Centuries of the Servien Family (Cambridge, 2012).

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Earlier in his career Dr. Acc. Servien was known as a prolific writer in finance and economics.
He is the author of Les Fonds de Placement Collectif en Suisse, Investment Trusts (NBDJ, Lausanne, 1958, 228 pp.); “Le Régime Fiscal des Fonds de Placement Collectif en Suisse” (Steuer Revue, Bern, Nos. Jan. & Feb. 1959); Les Sociétés d'Investissement ou Fonds de Placement: Nouvelle Formule d'Epargne (Ed. Léman, Montreux, 1962, 200 pp.); “Le Fisc et l'Investment Trust ou Quelques Réflexions à propos du XVIe Congrès de l'IFA, Athènes 1962” (Steuer Revue, May 1963); “Los Fondos de Inversion Colectiva o Investment Trusts” (Información Comercial Española, Madrid, Aug. 1963); “Die Boersenkotierung der Anteilscheine von Anlagefonds, La Cotation en Bourse des Certificats d'Investment Trusts, La Quotazione in Borsa dei Certificati di Fondi di Investimenti Immobiliari” (Management Report, 1963, of the HISA Investment Fund, Zurich 1964); “Proposte Normative per la Disciplina dei Fondi d'Investimento in Svizzera” (Investimenti & Prospettive, Milan, March 1964); Les Fonds de Placement Collectif en Suisse (memorandum prepared for the Ist International Congress on Mutual Funds, Barcelona, Spain, 1964); I Fondi Comuni di Investimento: Una Nuova Forma di Risparmio (Casa Editrice Cerastico, Milan 1967, 198 pp.), Investment Trusts: Moderne Kapitalanlage (ABC Verlag Zürich, 1968, 162 pp.), Mutual Funds, Why Not? A Survey of International Investment Funds (Ed. Léman, Montreux, 1968, 180 pp.); “Quelques Réflexions à Propos du Nouveau Statut Juridique des Fonds de Placement Suisses” (Revue de la Banque, Bruxelles, No. 7, 1969); Fondos de Inversion, Una Nueva Formula de Ahorro (Ed. Deusto, Bilbao, Spain, 1970, 215 pp.); “Fondi di Investimento in Svizzera” (Tribuna d'Europa [Europa CEE], Rome, Italy, Aug. 1972); “Gibraltar: Tax on the Rock” (Premier, Monte-Carlo [Monaco], No. 17, 1985-86);“Or nazi : conférence internationale à Londres” (La Chronique Judiciaire d'Haïti, Haïti, Jan. 1998); “Fonds en deshérence et banques suisses : sommet historique à New York” (La Chronique Judiciaire d’Haïti, Haïti, Feb. 1998 );“Conférence internationale sur l’or nazi” (Revue Indépendante, Paris, May 1998, No. 264) ; “Arabité et Francophonie” (La Chronique Judiciaire d’Haïti, Haïti, April. 1998 ) ; “Hong-Kong 1998: 1er Festival des Vins et Spiritueux ”( La Chronique Judiciaire d’Haïti, Haïti, August. 1998 ) ; etc.

Dr. Acc. Servien is a member of the Club Diplomatique in Geneva and of Art-Science-Lettres in Paris. In 1974 he was nominated Commendatore of the Concordia Order in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in 1992 named a Commendador de la Imperial Orden Hispanica de Carlos V in Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Servien's biography appears in numerous publications including:

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Dr. Servien's own publications:

Annuaire 1 Annuaire 2








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